Cafe Rio takes Irvine by storm


Photo by Rashad Clipper

Cafe Rio breadsticks give off the Italian smell that sneaks into your nose.

Cafe Rio is the new hot spot for students in the community of the Walnut Village, at the corner of Alton & Culver. With acceptable prices and exceptional Mexican food, the business is expanding and shows no sign of stopping, with over 80 locations in 11 states.

One major highlight of the restaurant is the vibe and atmosphere inside. They use a great job on establishing a food place where people of all audiences can enjoy a great meal by being quick with orders and efficient with cooking and having great customer service skills. The vibe the employees give off is homely and very casual by being polite and courteous. Modern pop music plays inside for a friendly, relaxing atmosphere. Employees contribute to the friendly atmosphere by serving every meal with a smile.

However, what reels customers into the restaurant is the delicious food. I ordered steak tacos with additional chips and salsa. Their meat is cooked very well by the chefs. The steak they serve is filled with flavor and is very tender. The steak melts in your mouth and leaves a savory flavor.

The menu also consists of salads and other healthy alternatives made right in front of you with fresh ingredients. Other healthy alternatives are salsas also made with organic ingredients. With a variety of options, anyone can find something to fit his or her taste.

However, the combination of delicious food at a reasonable price comes with a negative effect. The mexican grill has increasingly long lines during lunch hours. Seating is also limited within the restaurant.

However, Cafe Rio does a great job of getting everyone’s order to the customers and keeping traffic flowing. With great leadership in management, look for this franchise to expand even more throughout Orange County.