Time Travel

It seems like just yesterday when I was playing on the swings, playing pretend, dress up and other such games with my friend. Where did all the time go? I still can’t believe that day by day, I’m just getting older and leaving my childhood behind.

Every time I think about those days, stress-free children playing around, tears fall out of my eyes. Can’t I go back? Can’t I go return to those days and re-elicit the memories?
While talking to a few childhood friends recently, whom I had lost contact with over the years, made me ex-tremely nostalgic. The long lost forgotten memories stored deep inside my heart were elicited again, but this time surrounding a loving memory to them.
I want to meet those people again, my friends who made me laugh, my classmates, my school and all the little things that compiled my childhood and were a step leading to who I am today.

Ashna Paul