Rhythm Games

Beatmania IIDX is one of the most popular and challenging rhythm games.

Photo courtesy of Thedarksix

“Beatmania IIDX” is one of the most popular and challenging rhythm games.

Rhythm games are often considered a hardcore game genre in the arcade. Though the gameplay is often as simple as pressing buttons at the right time, the difficulty cap for these games is high.

This is a genre of games epitomized by the classic “Dance Dance Revolution.” Unbeknownst to the general population, this classic genre actually includes many other popular games. Here are three popular rhythm games you may not know about:


“Deemo” is a mobile game create by Rayark Inc. The game features a simple interface of a black screen with a single line on the bottom of the screen. Players simply tap the falling noteblocks when they reach the line on the bottom of the screen.

Although this is an extremely simple and common gameplay in the genre, what makes “Deemo” special is its collection of original soundtracks and key-sounded noteblocks. The key-sounded noteblocks mean no sound will play if the player misses the note, adding additional pressure and interaction for the player.

This is a fun game that is easily accessible on most mobile devices. Though veteran rhythm gamers may find the game too easy, they will agree this is a fun and well-designed game


“Sound Voltex”

This is a popular arcade game in Japan. The game resembles a sort of DJ station. There are four main buttons, two sound-effect buttons and two turnable knobs. The sound effect buttons and the knobs alter the music when the player hits them at the right time.

Compared to other rhythm games, “Sound Voltex” is less complicated due to its having only six keys and relatively easy rhythm challenges. “Sound Voltex” seems deceptively simple. Since turning knobs requires your entire hand to remain on the knob, higher-difficulty songs require players to switch between the two knobs while focusing on the six buttons with only one hand.

“Sound Voltex” is a unique rhythm game that is feedback heavy and requires a player’s full attention.


“Beatmania IIDX”

“Beatmania IIDX” is considered THE hardcore rhythm game. Beatmania is one of the oldest rhythm games created by one of the main developers of rhythm games, Bemani (the rhythm game division under Konami). The game features a layout similar to a DJ turntable. There are seven buttons arranged in a pyramid fashion with three keys on top of four main buttons on the bottom with a turntable on the side that requires players to scratch at the right time.

The difficulty with this game is its comparatively complex rhythm and chords (pressing multiple buttons at a time). The turntable restricts the player to use of one hand, forcing the player to adapt to different hand positions. This game requires the player to read notes at a very fast speed. Only after months of practice will a player be able to develop the proper muscle memory to play the game. This is why it is considered the ultimate hardcore rhythm game by many.


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