St. Vincent’s new guitar hopes to electrify crowds


Photo courtesy of Jamie O'Halleron

St. Vincent has designed her own line of guitars for women due to the discomfort she felt by playing a traditional guitar on stage.

Annie Clark, better known by her stage name St. Vincent, recently unveiled plans to release her own line of guitars. Engineered in partnership with the Ernie Ball company, a popular guitar manufacturer, the guitars are set to release in “Vincent Blue” hand picked by Clark herself, as well as black, according to Clarisse Loughrey’s “St. Vincent designs female-friendly guitar” article on the Independent.

“I’m extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to design a guitar this personal with this company, this family, in whom I believe so completely,” Clark said in an official statement, according to “The entirety of my experience as a guitarist is invested in this instrument. I sought to create a tool that would help and inspire those who share my priorities in a guitar, namely that it be comfortable and lightweight and that it exhibit clean lines, all without sacrificing tone flexibility.”

Clark mentioned how the guitar was designed with the female body in mind, as well as to improve ease of use compared to other guitars.

“This is a very light guitar, and the weight is redistributed so that it has a thin waist. I was always finding when I was playing onstage and wearing various stage outfits, the guitar would cut across one of the best features of the female body, which is your waist,” Clark said in an interview with Guitarworld. “I wanted to make something that looked good and not just on a woman, but any person.”

The guitar also boasts a minimalist design, featuring only three mini-humbuckers, a tremolo system, and only two knobs and a selector switch.

“It was partially visual design and partly just simply what I use. I wanted it to remain fairly chopped,” Clark said, according to Guitarworld. “The idea that I have the guitar especially designed for my needs, but that my needs are transferrable and other people will get to enjoy it and have the same kind of connection with it that I do is just a dream come true.”