Present or Future?

Recently I was talking with someone who only had a short time to live, and I asked her “What are some things that you would like to do?”

She looked at me and smiled and in a small little voice told me that she had done everything she wanted in her lifetime and achieved the goals she had planned to. She told me that despite her struggles, she was very happy with her life.

Her response puzzled me and made me realize that every day is a gift, and living it to its fullest is important.

It made me remember an anonymous quote my mom once showed me.

“First I was dying to finish high school and start college… And now, I am dying – and suddenly I realize that I forgot to live.”

While we are running for something better, an achievement and goal, we forget about right now. I often find myself saying “Oh, if I do this and achieve just this one thing once, my life will change.” Maybe my life will change at the cost of my present.

So instead of rushing through everything now to have a better future, make your present better and live off that satisfaction.

Ashna Paul