7 leaves and lots of teas


Anamaria Sayre

7 Leaves Cafe offers an assortment of delectable macaroons.

Tucked between the very demure Aaron Brothers and the constant hustle and bustle of the 99 Cent Only Store lies the quaint new 7 Leaves Cafe in Tustin off of Newport Ave.

Upon hearing that 7 Leaves Cafe was located in this particular center, there was a certain amount of shock that came with the store’s opening, as this location also happens to be home to the ever popular and all-around wonderful Kean Coffee, which I have frequented for years. However, after stepping into the location, that surprise immediately dissipated, replaced with an understanding that this was a completely different type of “coffee shop.”

These aforementioned assumptions regarding the drinks offered, food sold and overall vibe of the cafe were immediately dispelled as I noticed the wall to my right lined with photos of different milk teas. Slightly to my left lay a display case featuring colorfully assorted rows of macarons, and on the left wall a menu depicted various teas, desserts and juices.

There is a small selection of coffee offered, but if that is really what you are in the mood for, I would recommend taking a trip across the center to Kean Coffee. If good milk tea or juice is what you are looking for then take a seat at a bench-style table lined against the wall and enjoy your drink, and maybe even a colorful macaron.

I personally enjoyed just the simple milk tea offered and splurged on a Rosewater macaron (I say splurged because generally I am not willing to spend $2 on finger food, but this one was only $1.50 so I figured why not?).

I appreciated the tea and macaron I got and the selection I had to chose from. Other students on campus shared similar sentiments regarding the food options.

“[7 Leaves Cafe] has a nice variety of drinks paired with a good selection of macarons,” junior Sean McConville said.

Regardless of your opinions regarding coffee, there truly is an option for everyone here, so on your next coffee or tea run I definitely recommend stopping by and checking it out. Plus you can save $.50 on a macaron, and if that does not sell you, I do not know what will.