Cycle of life

Isn’t it interesting how seasons represent not only time, but also feelings, personalities and situations? Their deeper symbolic meaning frequently appears on the pages of books, novels, plays and movies.
I find it intriguing how various seasons represent the stages of life and death as well.
While spring is associated with the color green and considered the time of rebirth and youth, summer is considered warm and associated with adulthood and prosperity. While autumn is the season when leaves start fading away and the color brown is analogous to the period of old age, winter is associated with the color white and death.
Unlike seasons, which keep coming and going every year, we have only one life, and so see every season of life only once.
Yet, while we are setting out in life and are in our spring season, we also see all seasons around us. We will also reach those seasons some day, so let’s stop for a few moments and observe the beauty and differences of each season.



Ashna Paul