Swing dance starts in full swing for Grammy Gala

The last spirit week of the year ended with a spectacular Grammy Gala on April 22, followed by the annual swing dance.

The Entertainers started off the night singing a medley of Journey songs, led by vocal director Rob Blaney. According to senior Sophie Huisken, the all-girls Bel Canto sang a piece that they performed at a festival, a Bulgarian song called “Kafal Sviri.”

The gala representative, Qiana Conley, delivered a speech about how Woodbridge incorporates student leadership throughout the music program.

Conley presented a check for $5,000,with Student representatives brought up the plaque and spent a few minutes capturing photos.

“I didn’t know how to react,” senior Kelly Lin said. “It was nice to finally be recognized for everything that we’ve done.”

The superintendent of Irvine Unified School District, Terry Walker, stepped up to the stage and delivered a thoughtful speech, regarding the amount of dedication the students presented.

“We’ve been doing [the Grammy Awards] for five years now, and every year we’ve gotten to the semi-finals,” music director Joslynne Blasdel said. “We’re excited because all four high schools in Irvine Unified went to semi-finals for the first time this year.”

Soon after, the annual swing dance was held, where students were able to mingle with one another, sharing a wonderful experience.

Unlike previous years, the swing dance was open to everyone, with guests having access to dessert bars, in order to celebrate the award.

Throughout the evening, Jazz I and Jazz II alternated shifts and performed live music, along with the saxophone group, for people to dance.