Boys lacrosse shooting nothing but net with success

Racquets constantly smash together as shots fire past the unaware goalie and into the net.

Boys lacrosse (9-7-0) won 9-3 against Laguna Hills High on April 27 in a heated game.

The beginning of the game started out slowly with Warriors scoring a few goals over the course of the first quarter. Players always had a leg up over Laguna Hills High and never let them persevere with a score of 2-1 at the end of the first quarter.

“The game was great; we really came together and played as a team,” junior Michael Porch said.

Through the second and third quarters, players became more energized and determined to win with the slight advantage. They played effectively and strategically by communicating with each other and demonstrating scoring techniques that they have learned in practice, leading to a score of 3-2 at the end of the third quarter.

“Our defense stayed strong along with the help of our goalie,” Porch said.

By the fourth quarter, the Warriors were scoring left and right, never missing a beat. The crowd loudly cheered as ball after ball flew into the net. By the time the quarter was halfway through, the players knew they had the game in the bag.

According to senior Christian Keena, the team won due to key players and an immense amount of team effort in the last quarter.

“The biggest challenge during the game was capitalizing on offense,” Keena said.

Although the game went great, the players recognized that there was still room for improvement.

“Our biggest challenge during the game would probably be our clears, we need to communicate more when moving that ball and that really would’ve helped us have more possession throughout the game,” senior Drew Phillips said.

Overall, players expressed pride in their performance during the game, especially in the fourth quarter.

“The game was hard fought, and we really showed our commitment in the fourth quarter when we pulled ahead,” Phillips said.

The team’s season is not quite over; the next game is on Friday, May 6 against Chaparral High at 4:00 pm on Mark Daily Field.