Warriors “Dream” of school unity at the lip dub

With red and yellow being displayed around the school, Warriors from across the campus participated in the third annual lip dub filmed on April 20.

Students came together and represented the groups they were most associated with in campus.

This year, film used “Dreaming” by Smallpools to create hype and vibe among students who were silently cheering and waiting for the camera to pass by.

“Instead of just having people lip dubbing, we wanted to include cut aways. For example, as we ran through the gym we see a wrestler get slammed to the ground and a guy shoot a hoop and, later on, on the track, jump over hurdles,” senior Dan Lesser said. “We just wanted to include more innovative and different things to make it seem more fun.”  

Instead of traditional filming, Lesser and the film crew  used a variety of different angles, which made the film look a bit shaky. The camera displayed the student body not only through front angle but also backward and captured different perspectives of the school and the silent cheer. In the end, a drone was used to capture an aerial view of students gathered near the music quad.

“Last year, I wasn’t one of the people running through, and this year I was helping Dan film it, so it was really fun for me as it was a different perspective running through the crowd while it was so crazy,” junior Meagan Oefelein said.

The process of planning and executing the lip dub took place in multiple segments. It started out in February selecting a song, brainstorming the path and choosing the lip dubbers to finally filming it in April.

“For the lip dubs in the past, I was always on the side cheering on, but to actually be representing a whole group of students is amazing,” senior Gabby Feliciano said. “It was so interesting to see all the work that is put in by the film crew and the other lip dub runners.”


The lip dub aired during the spring pep rally on April 24 and will be released online this week after a thorough check from the administration is proceed.


ASB members plan on changing the lip dub from being an annual event to being conducted every two years  to help keep the novelty and the energy special.