Vocal chemistry by the Science Club


Science Club performs during Quadchella, showcasing it’s unique band of indie, surf and garage rock

Music, hugs and frozen pizza are the little things that keep the band “Science Club” going and flowing. The four members, sophomores Wesley Park, Tony Maquiling, Rohit Dutta and newbie Brendon Lee all share the same interests of jamming out, eating frozen pizza and entertaining the crowd.

“The reason we formed [the band] was because our bassist [Dutta] and guitarist [Maquiling] wanted to do something for our sixth grade promotion. It was really bad, but hey that was only the beginning,” Park said. “I felt that Irvine lacked a distinct indie rock scene. I just wanted to bring hyped music and good vibes to people.”

The trio formed back in sixth grade and recently welcomed a new member to the band.

“Recently we got a new drummer, Brendon Lee, so it’s been fairly new as of late,” Park said. “I’m excited to see where it’ll go in the future. Hopefully you’ll see us in next year’s Battle of the Bands.”

As far as where their music inspirations come from, they focus mostly on indie rock, surf rock and garage rock as well as writing their own songs.

“Sometimes if I’m really feeling it, I’ll write my own songs,” Park said. “They aren’t too sophisticated though. The music I write is just a combination of teenage angst and adolescent emotions. We’re inspired by the current indie rock scene in the U.S. ‘Wavves,’ ‘Together PANGEA,’ ‘Mac DeMarco’ and ‘FIDLAR’ are some huge inspirations.”

Through music, they are able to overcome challenges they face in their daily lives.

“Every type of music affects my daily life,” Maquiling said. “I listen to music from my phone or computer if I ever need to focus or relax, and I play music in the orchestra at school as well as in this band.”

When it comes to friendships, they are all close to one another and have been ever since they were young.

“We never really have had any problems as a group as we are all really good friends that have known each other for a really long time,” Dutta said.