Students welcome veterans with art

On May 25, Warrior art students and veterans gathered in the teachers lounge for the 10th annual Memorial Day art competition.

Students in the art departments, excepting performing arts, were able to submit artwork in any medium to be judged by veterans on May 24.

Collages, posters, sculptures and photographs were just a few art forms present.

“They decided art because they didn’t want to read essays; they thought that art was important and wanted the instant connection, while essays could be difficult to read for a veteran,” founder of the program Helen Conroy said.

First place winner and junior Brynn Hansen had exactly that in mind when creating her charcoal piece.

“When I was researching ideas for the project, I found that the rates of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder were very high among Vietnam War veterans,” Hansen said. “I wanted to help support the veterans in our country and show some of the hardships that they experience in their daily lives. This portrait is intended to highlight the struggles that many veterans face in their daily lives even after they return home.”

In addition, choir students sang the Star Spangled Banner and patriotism filled the room. The event, which sprung from Valentines for Veterans, is always a powerful event, according to art teacher Matthew Takeno.

“I really enjoy this project every year, and I always encourage my students to participate,” Takeno said. “It’s a great way for them to reflect on and appreciate the servicemen and women of this country.”