ImprovCity High Makes Triumphant Return


Photo by Tristan Corcoran

Alumni Gabi Feliciano and junior Rowan Biggs help fill the theater with laughter.

On Sep. 23, ImprovCity High were joined by some familiar faces for their first show of the school year.

This particular show was Alumni Night, meaning that several graduates who were previously in improv returned to perform. Class of 2016 alumni Gabby Feliciano and Class of 2014’s James Duke were among the returning performers, with Duke in particular making his presence in the show known.

“All of his choices were on point and he always made his scene partners look good,” junior Rowan Biggs said. “That’s one of the core responsibilities in improv, making your scene partners look good, and because he did that, [the show] was awesome!”

The show itself was split into different “games” or methods of performing, such duets and rap battle. All games challenged performers to work together in different ways to provide a night of unpredictable comedy. The crowd was very involved throughout the night and added to the atmosphere of the show.

“I think [the show] was really well done,” senior Lavender Tonini said. “It showed the history of the club and proved the strength of the friendship between the crew members.”

This marks new beginning for improv, which will be experimenting this year with different themed shows, one of which will be a “teacher show.”

“I’m really looking forward to exploring the different themes and how they can impact our performance and the different suggestions the audience will give us,” Biggs said.

Overall, the night was a mix of old and new that helped pave the way for ImprovCity High’s future while taking the time to honor its past.

“It was really good to bring back the older people to Woodbridge and have them get involved again,” Biggs said. “The nostalgic feeling was really great because sometimes once members graduate we forget how they impact us and a lot of them have done so much for ImprovCity.”