Captain Victoria Vo is serving up a great season

Player of the month Victoria Vo leads the team with her skill and work ethic


In a blur of motion, varsity girls tennis captain and senior Victoria Vo thrusts her racket forwards, sending the little neon green ball flying like a speeding bullet over the net and into her opponent’s court. Match point! Vo was chosen because she constantly displays superb skill and impeccable work ethic, such as showing up to practice every single day and always working towards improvement.
“She entered [the team] her freshman year; yet every year, she challenged and pushed herself to get better,” girls tennis coach Ryan Sabado said.
As team captain, Vo has pushed herself hard and has continued to inspire her team members by tutoring others in areas of improvement, guiding them to success.
“She’s really outgoing and tries really hard to be a good player,” teammate and junior Grace Son said.
Vo started her tennis career in first grade when her mother enrolled her in the sport as an extracurricular activity just for enjoyment, but she started becoming more serious about tennis in eighth grade when she realized she liked the competition.
“I didn’t really enjoy tennis when I played it as a little kid, but now I really enjoy the sport and love playing it,” Vo said.
Vo has come a long way since first grade, and she is now the varsity captain of her team due to her willingness to work hard towards her goals.
According to Vo, her favorite tennis shot is the overhead.
“It’s kind of like when the ball comes up and then you slam it down,” Vo said. “Those are fun to do.”
Vo has been noted for helping other players on the team with their backhand serves and guiding her teammates with their volleying. Additionally, Vo has been recognized for cheering people on when they need encouragement.
“She’s probably one of the most well rounded people on the team,” coach Sabado said. “She’s that constant motivator.”