Panic! at the campus parking lot

As I drive down Alton and approach Meadowbrook, my palms grow sweaty. I begin to white knuckle the steering wheel, as I dreadfully approach the one place that even a racecar driver would be fearful of: the Woodbridge High School parking lot.

Parking on campus has always been a pain but it feels as though with ever growing numbers and seemingly more aggressive parents the task that students face of arriving on school every day in a timely fashion and parking their cars is all the more daunting.

There are a variety of parking options offered all around campus, but with the number of students we now house, it seems impossible that all students should gain a spot within a reasonable difference from campus.

Poorly parked cars are something students have to deal with on campus, that is just a fact. But there is this idea that once a student climbs the ranks they can shed all their parking misery for the elusive senior lot. Let me tell you, as a senior, that idea is a myth. I have witnessed more accidents in that one lot during the first three weeks of my senior year than during my entire four years at Woodbridge. The spots are cramped, the people are impatient, and there simply isn’t enough room.

With that being said, it is not impossible. There is still ample space for everyone, and as long as students and parents alike wait their turn and set out early enough in the morning to have time for the long lines and farther spots, then we can make it out of this school year alive–and so will our cars.