New Teachers Join The Warrior Family

Katherine Speicher (ELD)


“I feel little in a big world.”

Coming from a school with only 170 students, Katherine Speicher excitedly enters her first year at Woodbridge High. As a former teacher at Marina High and the Magnolia Science Academy, Speicher hopes to successfully take on her big role at a school, “with a lot of school spirit.” Not knowing many of the students’ names on campus is a bit challenging for Stephens, but she hopes that she’ll be remembered as a, “very energetic and happy educator.”


Katie Frattone (PE)


“It’s nice to improve fitness in any adolescent…”

Having interacted with students for 10 years and having taught soccer at multiple schools, Katie Frattone helps students live a healthy life style at   the school as a Physical Education teacher. She admits every age is a bit different and it’s sometimes a challenge to work with strong-headed students, but she values life-long fitness and hopes that students will take her advice with them for the rest of their lives.


Noelle Gamber (Math)

“I don’t think people realize how much work [teachers have], but it’s totally worth it.”

In gaining experience as a student teacher last year at Woodbridge, Noelle Gamber takes on the responsibility of a full-time math instructor. Despite the mountain-loads of work that goes into being a teacher, Gamber hopes to figure out how to help each student succeed and be able to connect with them at their level.


John Tezak (English)


“The images of teachers I remember are the ones who were encouraging and inspiring.”

Before stepping into Woodbridge, John Tezak garnered much experience as an instructor in Thailand, teaching students ranging from fourth to twelfth grade. Along with finding his style of teaching at an American high school, Tezak hopes to figure out his identity as an educator and be a mentor for students taking the “next step in their lives.”


Darren Canejo (Education Specialist)


“I have a road bike, so I go on 20 mile bike rides…”

Darren Canejo is not your typical high school educator. Having experience working as an Education Specialist, Canejo strives to help students expose themselves to many activities they were not able to do in the past. He believes it’s most rewarding to see the progress the students make. Aside from working with students and the staff, Canejo leaves time outside of school to enjoy the intense sport: road biking.


Nichole La Peer (Spanish)


“I want students to think of me as a crazy spanish teacher.”

As the new teacher for the Spanish 1 and 2, Nichole LaPeer is excited to collaborate with her students and the rest of the staff in her 11th year of teaching. In light of working with such high-achieving students, La Peer hopes to be remembered as someone who loved what she was teaching.


Kelly Herrman (Science)


“Baking is a lot like chemistry…”

Finishing up her Chemistry major in college, Kelly Herrman prepared to become a chemical engineer. However, putting aside her dreams, she decided to teach students, realizing that she “likes people more than instruments” and finding the quality of perseverance very interesting.


Cassandra Stephens (English)


“Every since I was really really young i’ve always wanted to be a teacher.”

With experience long-term substitute teaching in San Diego and student teaching at Woodbridge, Cassandra Stephens fulfills her goal of being a full-time educator. Stephens enjoys being able to create an environment where students are able to interact with one another and participate in many in-class activities. She hopes that students will view her as a kind and creative teacher who wishes for their success