Upcoming TV shows to watch

The Flash – October 4 (The CW)

Coming back with season 3, the main character, Barry Allen, faces multiple dangerous actions, causing him to disrupt the timeline once again. Two new villains were added to the season as Barry once again uses his speed to protect Starling City.

Supernatural – October 13 (The CW)

Season 12 of Supernatural will now air on Thursdays. The upcoming season will feature special guests as well as the return of previous characters. The show will focus on Dean and Sam Winchester dealing with their returned mother.

Jane the Virgin – October 17 (The CW)

Season 3 of Jane the Virgin will leave the protagonist, Jane Villanueva, stressed and anxious once again. After the terrible incidents of season 2, Jane will be faced to deal with a new crime, past partners and her in-laws.

The Vampire Diaries – October 21 (The CW)

Many new surprises are in store for season 8 of The Vampire Diaries. New villains appear as well as new characters. Nina Dobrev, the protagonist of previous seasons, is rumored to return for the final season of The Vampire Diaries.

The Walking Dead – October 23 (AMC)

The Walking Dead will return with a new character being introduced. Luckily for viewers, no cliffhangers are in store for season 7.