All ‘Berned’ out?

Senior Michelle Chang shows her collection of campaign buttons.

Vincent Hsueh

Senior Michelle Chang shows her collection of campaign buttons.

Election Day is coming around the corner and the tension between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump continues to rise, but what has happened to Bernie Sanders? Sanders, popular for sweeping the nation’s younger population off their feet, loss the Democratic nomination, yet many still support his views and ideals.  

“I support Bernie Sanders because I feel like he is truly for the people. He ran a grassroots campaign which meant mainly small contributions from real people, not companies or special interests, funded his campaign,” senior Michelle Chang said. “So many people feel out of touch with politics because so much is decided by big money and special interest groups. A really big part of his political revolution is taking back politics for the people.”

Sanders has recently created the non-profit political organization “Our Revolution.” Its goals are “to revitalize American democracy, empower progressive leaders and elevate the political consciousness,” according to his official website. They plan to recruit candidates for general elections, and fight against the use of the Bakken pipeline, a pipeline that’d transport crude oil from North Dakota through South Dakota, Iowa and ending in Illinois. The organization also has other ideas that were part of Sander’s original campaign.

“Bernie Sanders and the “Our Revolution” movement have some good ideas. The idealist in me wants to believe that the organization can accomplish all of these great ideas, but the realist in me says that possibly only a few things that he is proposing can be feasible,” AP Government teacher, Christopher LePage said. “I appreciate his movement to increase power to the citizens of the United States but in reality money talks and many of his ideas are counter productive to interests of those with money and power.”

Despite the difficulty to set these ideas to work, the organization still plans canvasses, volunteer activities and other official events. Citizens can also donate to his revolution through its website, in which average donations are about $27.  

“Just because Bernie didn’t win the presidency, doesn’t mean his revolution is over,” Chang said.