Pumpkin paint-off in the drawing and painting classes


Art teacher Jillian Rogers organized this art contest.

From fantasized movie characters to fun and creative imaginative characters, the drawing and painting classes pumpkin design contest showcased it all.

The artists across all of the drawing and painting classes worked on creating Halloween themed  jack-o’-lantern designs. The class focused on conveying emotion through the exaggeration of facial features and expressions.

“We decided to kind of do a play on jack-o’-lanterns, so they had to do facial features. We talked about exaggerating facial features or showing some sort of emotion. We kind of left it open from there, since we never did this before to see how it goes and to see what we want to adjust next year,” art teacher Jillian Rodgers said.

The idea for this contest was originally created by art teacher Lisa Guiseppe from a bit of unluckiness she encountered.

“The original plan was to have a pumpkin carving and painting contest, and have an admin vote on it and make it a big thing. The pumpkins being carved in ceramics got rotten, so they had to toss them. It ended up being the painted pumpkins that survived the contest,” Rodgers said.

Contest winner and sophomore Leah Duggan emerged out victorious with her pumpkin that was very delicately crafted and further displayed an image of Stitch from Lilo & Stitch  in cool blue colors, with flashing teeth. Further, her image had a really deep connection to her as it brought back childhood memories.

“When I was a kid I use to watch Lilo and Stitch all the time, whenever I had the chance. It was always my favorite show,” Duggan said.

Furthermore, the students across the classes worked hard to try and create the best  possible end product.  

“It took me about a week to make, but the end product was worth it,”  junior and art student Esteban Medina said.

The students all created amazing pumpkins, that really showed their artistic talents. Furthermore, the students all were inspired by something they appreciate or love that they then brought to life. With this contest being a success this year, it looks as if these spooktacular jack-o’-lanterns will be displayed again next year.