Savannah Griffin: color guard superstar


Photo courtesy of Savannah Griffin.

Savannah Griffin participates in the halftime show.

Senior Savannah Griffin tosses her flag high into the air, skillfully catching the flag in her other hand, as the audience erupts into applause.

Griffin has came a long way since her first performance her freshman year. It was her first time performing anything ever, and her nervousness was off the charts.

“We were about to start, when I ran off the field and threw up. I remember feeling very embarrassed,” Griffin said.

Over the last four years Savannah Griffin has gained confidence and grown as a performer.

“Now I go into shows knowing that I’ll be fine, and I don’t throw up before shows anymore,” Griffin said.

Griffin has made color guard her life passion.

“Color guard is the only thing that I’m motivated to do on my own without a coach,” Griffin said.

However, she didn’t have the same mindset when she just started color guard.

“I actually joined color guard to get rid of my stage fright, and then I just fell in love with it,” Griffin said.

She overcame that stage fright through experience and getting used to performing. Her memorable performance was when there was only maybe one drop of the flags out of 50 or so tosses.

“I remember seeing the video and being proud of that performance,” Griffin said.

Through the support of her family, she has plenty of fans in the audience when she performs. Her mom Lenora Salisbury supports her to the best of her ability.

“I support Savannah by being there and doing for her what and where she needs me most,” Lenora Salisbury said.

“She has strengths of energy and enthusiasm,” Lenora Salisbury said.

Griffin plans to continue with color guard in the future.

“I hopefully will be doing diamante independent, out of Anaheim. It’s a competitive professional team that competes in world championships around the world,” Griffin said.