Game of Life

I played sports growing up and at the start of high school, but I was terrible. Motor skills are not my strong suit, to say the least. However there is one aspect of traditional athletics that I excel at- competition.
I love winning.
Given my athletic failures, I shifted my focus to academics very early on. While I focused on homework and reading I neglected to turn my attention to those around me. Blessed by nature and nurture alike, their capabilities far exceeded my own. I could not win, at least not against them. So I preyed on the weakest person I could find, myself.
I tried to chip away at the person who lost, so I could finally win. Winning does not have to be defined by beating others. I chose to think of winning as living a life that makes you into the person you want to be.
The only person you need to beat is the one you were yesterday.

Good luck,
Alexa Wallace