Theater Trouble

News has gone around the school about the potential of the school theater being extended into the parking lot. The reason for the location is because if they were to move it into anywhere else it would completely eliminate buildings such as the J building in order to have more space for the theater and cause more problems.

This ultimately has some flaws within it because with it being in the parking lot, it will make it so there is limited parking space for students and faculty. With this happening that means that both students and faculty members will both have to find new places to park. This also means that it will be even harder to get parking in the front of the school because of the bad traffic that always takes place upon their every morning.

“This isn’t a good idea to do this with the bad traffic in the front of the school as it is and the fact that the parking lot is very crowded for students and faculty members in the morning,”senior Deavyon Page said.

Additionally a reason why this also has flaws is because students already paid for their parking permits. Making them buy new ones will only result in upsetting them. Also, the church parking lot will  be more packed than ever with the school parking lot being even more filled up than before.  This will ultimately affect the tennis courts as they might not be accessible as many people will be parking their during the day.My belief on this is that with the tennis courts and church parking lot not being available that it will cause chaos between student drivers and even parents as well.


“I am for the theater being expanded but the location will be a problem because then the access road will be covered in heavy traffic,” Assistant Principal Scott Sodorff said.


The theater being expanded into the parking lot will also lengthen the distance that students and faculty have to walk in order to get to their desired locations. This will affect just about everyone on campus because this  increases the distance that they will need to walk in order to get to their desired location.  


“I’m excited about the theater being extended but the only bummer is that I don’t have a straight shot if I go to the office I now have to go around the theater building which will then add more distance..,” math teacher Aaron Dorman said.