Dance team grooves with inclusion


Photo by Natalie Sarkissian

Dance team displays a combined effort at the winter pep rally.

As the All Male Dance Team begins to get in position for their dance, a dancer stands out from other members as the sole female on the team. This year, female students were allowed to become part of the All Male Team, effectively changing the name to Hip Hop Crew.

The girl’s dance team has been part of the school community for over 20 years but the All Male Team has only been active for only five years.

“The girls dance team is modern, jazz, ballet, lyrical, and only some hip hop. Some girls are interested in only hip hop,” director of dance Amanda Klaus said.

Senior Eunice Choi is one of four girls who are dedicated solely to hip hop. When opportunity gave her a chance to join the All Male Team she was one of the first to sign up. She has been teaching herself dance for years and is now the lead female role for the Hip Hop Crew.

“I tried to join the male dance team every year because the rules said that one girl was allowed in the All Male Team. I was turned down two years in a rows and was excited when woodbridge allowed girls an opportunity to join the All Male Team,” Choi said.

Last year,male dance competitions allowed a single female to compete in the all male’s category. However, this year, instead of female’s dancing on the all male team, two new categories were created–the hip hop group and co-ed category for the female members to compete in. The members of the Hip Hop Crew get along well regardless of the new addition of female members.

“I think the team works harder and looks better now that there are girls on the Hip Hop Crew,” senior Ben Eun said.

A typical day of practice includes two hours of practice during zero and first period. There is also practice after school where the team refines their choreography for around three hours.

“My expectations for the dance teams are that they are dedicated and hardworking. I also want the dancers to have confidence in themselves,” Klaus said.