Winter Delight

Christmas carols, hot chocolate, lights and candy canes are some things that make this time of the year special. One thing that would make this season even more special is snow. I have always pictured a white Christmas, snowmen and snowball fights, but sadly I have never had an opportunity to be in snow or experience it firsthand.

The closest I have been to snow was on a mountain in Switzerland, but that was more ice than snow, and I don’t even know if that counts.

But every winter themed movie has it’s different twist on snow, sometime it appears to be soft and gentle, with each snowflake beautifully created, no less than a professional masterpiece. And other time, its just white balls falling from the sky, hitting people in their faces.

With the changing and unconstant Socal weather, true winter is hard to fully experience. But, winter has a different meaning to us. We remember it as a season with hope, and it never fails to still bring a smile on my face.


Merry winter!

Ashna Paul