A day in the musical life of Allie Hunter


Allie Hunter (pictured right) sings with her alto section during an Entertainers rehearsal.

Through closed eyes and an infectious smile, senior Allie Hunter sways to the tune of a hauntingly beautiful melody, relying on music as a constant in her forever-changing life.

Allie has been involved in the vocal music department all four years in her high school career, and largely credits many of her most cherished high school memories to her experiences in choir.

“I love the performing aspect the most, but rehearsals are a close second. Sometimes when we finish a song that just sounds really special, everybody looks around at each other, because we all know that feeling. It’s indescribable,” Hunter said.

Hunter starred in last year’s musical, 42nd Street, as the lead role, Peggy Sawyer. Although she is likely to be cast in the upcoming musical production, Into the Woods, she remains humble when asked about what role she would prefer to get.

“Any! I would be so lucky to get into the musical at all, regardless of which role,” she said with a smile and a distant gaze, as if looking at the lights on a stage, already practicing her lines in her head.

In addition to her passions in vocal music and musical theater, Hunter is largely involved in instrumental music and music theory. Her ability has gained the attention of her peers, who have watched her develop as a musician and a person.

“Allie is just one of those naturally talented musicians. She not only sings beautifully, but also plays the piano, guitar, banjo, and knows just about every chord on the ukulele. Her unique talent definitely brings joy to others,” explains senior Logan Prock.

Despite Allie’s proficiency in various instruments, she doesn’t recognize her wide range of instrumental talent to be monumental. In her perspective, ability is simply a result of unending passion accompanied by relentless practice.

“Gosh, I’ve been playing piano for… 10 years now? 10 years. My mom wanted me to learn, and so I learned.” She laughs at the realization of her rather blatant statement. “My favorite piece on the piano is definitely Debussy’s ‘Reverie’.”

She reminisces about the family gatherings from her childhood, specifically Thanksgiving, her favorite holiday.

“My family always used to listen to lots of 80’s music, which of course brought along lots of dance parties. U2 is a family favorite,” she admits. “In fact, I was actually named after Bono’s wife! Alison.”

Autumn always seems to bring cold air and warm memories, and the splashes of orange in the falling leaves remind her of her favorite color. For her, the introspective atmosphere of the changing seasons allows her to explore various types of music and reflect upon them.

“I love the Beach Boys because there’s one of their songs for every mood, isn’t there? I really love Ella Fitzgerald right now. There’s something that’s so unique about records from the 40s,” Hunter explains, with a soft smile and a lingering finger in the air. “Because they had to record everything in one take, every song is a unique experience. You’ll never be able to recreate it the same way. It’s timeless.”