Starting off the New Year with a March



With the controversial inauguration of President Donald Trump only a few weeks ago, anti-Trump supporters organized rallies and marches on Jan. 21, the day after President Trump’s  first official day at the White House, to protest his administration.

One of the primary examples included the Women’s March on Washington (WMOW), which sparked nearly 60 additional marches around the country other sister women’s marches around the country.

“Going to Washington, D.C showed a bigger response because it was the day after the inauguration and right in front of the White House to signal to the new administration that women’s rights are rights that need to be protected,” retired English teacher and marcher  Linda Schmenk said.

According to the New York Times,  more than 500,000 attended the rally, which was three times more people than expected. Due to its vast size, the marchers had to be split into two groups in order to reach the final designation at the Ellipse, a park located just south of the White House. The crowd represented a sea of pink as both men and women adorned pink hats that represented a response to President Trump’s previous derogatory comments about women.

“Everybody [was] unified to say ‘I’m not going away, we’re going to make noise’ and that for me was very awe-inspiring,” Schmenk said.

Locally, the Orange County Women’s March (OCWM) in Santa Ana, simultaneously took place. As one of the sister marches of the Women’s March on Washington, many came to the march to protest many of Trump’s statements and stances on women.

“I feel very privileged to live in Irvine and being in such a diverse community, I’m not subject to any discrimination really, but there are women all over the country and all over the world that like go through so much,” senior and OCWM marcher Sarah Aaron said.

Not only were people there for women’s rights, but they were also marching to object Trump’s viewpoints on basic human rights.  

“People of minorities deserve rights as equal as the highest of our society,” senior and OCWM marcher Muireann Rose said.

Another March on Washington, the Tax Day March, is scheduled to take place on April 15. The origin of the movement stems from President Trump’s promise to release his tax returns if he ran for president. Now that Trump is the newly-elected president, and the tax returns are still not released, he has pulled back his previous statement under the premise that no one care about his tax returns. While the main motive of the Tax Day March is for Trump to release his tax release, the march may also be another outlet for people to speak out against his views.