Broken hearts of high school

It is very rare for high school couples to get married in the end. In fact, only two percent of high school relationships in North America last according to the Huffington Post. When a couple is holding hands as they happily walk to class together, people may wonder why don’t relationships like these last?

The fear of commitment may be a factor resulting in high school breakups. With homework and after school sports and activities some students just don’t have the time. Other students just may not care.

“[High school students] aren’t serious enough about relationships,” junior Lucia Chang said.

High school students also tend to rush into relationships that they don’t think through. This may be because the human brain is actually not formed completely until the age of 25 according to the Health Encyclopedia.  When high school students rush into relationships they don’t really know what the person they are dating is actually like on the inside. High school students tend to judge a person from the outside.

“When you are older you are more aware and assertive, and you also know the good and the bad people for relationships,” freshman Nicolas Clay said.

Money and transportation play a huge role in high school breakups. Some high school students have jobs, but usually only during the summer, so they don’t always have much money. Also, even though a good amount of high school students have driver’s license, you have to either be 18, or have your driver’s license for at least at least year to drive someone.  Without money and a license it can be a struggle to afford a nice restaurant and be able to get there. If you can’t go on dates, keeping a strong relationship may be difficult. What are you going to do for a date if you don’t have money and a license?  What would your date think about riding bikes to Del Taco followed by a movie at the dollar theater? For some people, that just doesn’t cut it for a date. Regardless of high school relationships not lasting, it’s good to give it a try and get used to a relationship, just don’t be surprised if it doesn’t last.