Spiking down the Vaqueros in an exciting victory

Varsity boys volleyball game against the Irvine High Vaqueros culminates in a victory for the Warriors on April 13


John Choi

Seniors Guillermo Mier y Teran, Matt Meyers and Mitchell Lee rush to hit a ball against the Vaqueros.

In their game against the Irvine High Vaqueros, the Warriors won their second volleyball league game (3-1) as the visitor team on April 13.
The first set came pretty close with the outside hitters on each team spiking the ball down over the net pass the blocks. There were not as many digs in the first game as the teams were not familiar with each other’s strategies. The team ended up winning the first set with a score of 25-22.
The team’s blocking strategy in the second set was countered by the Vaquero, which continuously placed the ball through the middle blocker. The team hit the ball with digs. The set ended 15-25 with the Warrior’s loss.
The third set featured a tight defense on both sides with the two liberos receiving the hits. However, the Vaqueros lacked offense and could not overcome the Warrior’s plays, losing the set 25-18.
“They started working together better and began to play with a lot more energy,” spectator sophomore Steffan Ling said.
The Warriors were pumped for the game point set since the first to win three sets out of five would take home the victory. Both teams were consistent in defense but outside hitter and junior Joshua Boothroyd and outside hitter sophomore Phillip Salgado hit past the Vaqueros blockers. The Warriors won the set 25-19.
“I focused on making the right decisions and played with all of my heart,” Salgado said.
The team started off strong with a win versus Irvine in the first set and lost the shaky second set. However, it pushed through and won the next two sets. Through reading the opponent’s moves and adjusting its strategy accordingly, the team beat the Vaqueros in an away game. Its next game will be on Friday, April 21 at Woodbridge High.