Stefan Dostanic dominates the national court

Sophomore Stefan Dostanic is a five-star rated tennis player, attracting interest from collegiate sports teams


Vincent Hsueh

Sophomore Stefan Dostanic swings a backhanded pass against Irvine High on the home court.

In only his second year as a warrior, sophomore Stefan Dostanic has showed promise as a tennis player by achieving a five-star recruiting rank according to the Tennis Recruiting Network. He is also nationally ranked No.32 among the Class of 2019 college recruits across the entire country.
“It really means a lot and [it] is very motivating for me to be nationally ranked… just knowing that I am pushes me to levels even further beyond my expectations,” Dostanic said.
The work that he puts into his game has began to pay off as he has received high levels of interest from well-established athletic programs at schools such as in Stanford, University of Southern California and University of California, Los Angeles. With these schools showing interest it has paved the way for potential scholarships and free education in Dostanic’s future and his life after his high school career is over.
¨Stefan brings a large morale boost to the entire team,” junior Ashwin Tripathi said. “We all have an understanding that if one of us gives it 100 percent everyday then all of us could and Stefan’s constant perseverance pushes the team to strive for success in our league.”
The success Dostanic is achieving has much to do with the bond that he shares with his teammates throughout his two seasons as a tennis athlete. Bonds have been formed between him and his teammates and it has inspired his teammates to work even harder due to witnessing Stefan consistently beating on his craft every day during practice. They have become one as a tennis team due to this and have inspired each other to work harder each day.
“Seeing someone like Stefan do well at a national level really motivates us as he got there from nothing special aside from hard work and he has similar backgrounds to us and he still achieved what he has today,¨ junior Billy Chen said. ¨Seeing that motivates us and pushes us to become better players and people than we were the day before and strengthens the bond that we all share as a team. ¨