President Trump’s poor proposal


The Trump budget proposal  fails to even lower the debt while punishing Agencies that do not support the Administration’s ideology.

President Trump unveiled his first budget proposal on March 16. The proposal revealed cuts up to $54 billion to many federal programs that help millions of Americans. According to CNN, the proposal includes cuts to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Education among many others and many smaller federal programs would be cut altogether. Programs such as the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Endowment for the Arts. These programs, which were created in order to promote growth and creativity, are vital and must continue to exist. What is worse is that included in this budget proposal is a proposed increase of $54 billion to the military budget. These changes reveal the Trump Administration’s priorities to promote offensive might at the cost of domestic tranquility.

One of the most drastic proposed cuts is to the Environmental Protection Agency, which would have a budget cut of 31.4 percent. Cuts such as this one are examples of the Trump Administration punishing government agencies that do not agree with its political ideology. Because of the President’s skepticism of climate change, the proposed budget slashed the agency’s funding. This cut is not a cut proposed for the greater good of the country but instead a partisan attack on an agency vital to the health of the country.

These cuts are incredibly drastic and would harm the country more than they would help it. Although it is important to lower budget costs due to our ever increasing national debt, there should be some thought as to the consequences of such cuts, and this budget proposal grossly neglects to even consider the consequences. Although the cuts are an effort to reduce government spending, the drastic increases in military spending contradict the goals of this administration to do even that.

Although this proposed budget faces great opposition in Congress and will most likely not be passed, this proposal reveals the ideology of the Trump Administration. It believes in promoting aggressive military might at the cost of domestic programs. It believes in partisan attacks on agencies that do not agree with the Trump Administration’s ideology, and it fails to do what it should in reducing the national debt since his cuts would only match the increase in military spending. These cuts are ill-advised and harmful and we can only hope that they will never be passed.