Aggravating airports

This month has been filled with travels. With the release of college decisions came the increase of frequent flyer miles for seniors across campus as they hopped on planes and traveled to and from across the country in search of a future home. I personally became a member of the legion of student traversing the nation, and as a result have drastically increased the amount of time I spend in airports. And allow me to just say, with the utmost sincerity, that airports are awful.

Like they really are. I mean I always knew they were, but like they really really are. I mean obviously there’s the ridiculous traffic and lines and the absurd amount of people flowing in and out the dingy hallways and unkempt rooms (definitely some fire hazards and health code violations at play here). But honestly, those aspects are manageable. My true qualms lie in the exorbitant prices.

I mean obviously we all know flights are expensive. But upon arrival I have to pay baggage expenses, check-in expenses and not to mention the absurd prices for some water or a small snack.

On the bright side, shared awful airport experiences does make for a wonderful way to make friends. I would love to tell you more about that, but my free Wi-Fi is running out and my $15 sandwich is getting cold, so, until next time.