Senior Spotlight: Bridget Nagel


Photo by Harrison Li

Dancer Bridget Nagel expresses her passion.

Q:What are your future plans with dancing in college?
A:Yes, I will be going to UC Irvine to get a Bachelor of Arts degree in dance. During my sophomore year, I will being going under a review in order to get a Bachelor of Fine Arts for a focus in dance choreography.

Q:Where do you get your passion for dance?

A:I got my passion for dance my junior year of high school when I began choreographing for dance team. It made me realize how much I love it. I’ve always enjoyed dancing, but choreographing is what I really like doing.
Q:What’s your favorite memory from your time on the dance team?
A: My favorite memory is definitely summer camp bonding. I love becoming close with all the new members.
Q: What’s your advice for other dancers?
A: Always continue to improve. Rather than settling where one is, always try to be better.