Lip Dub: showing off our Warrior pride

Freshman year also marked the beginning of one the school’s newest tradition’s: the lip-dub. Students from various groups across campus were given the opportunity to come together as a cameraman ran through to show them dancing and lyp-syncing to “Wavin’ Flag” by K’naan across campus.
“I remember watching the original Woodbridge lip dub for the first time at eighth grade family night; I’d come to visit Woodbridge that night for the first time extremely nervous about what high school would have in store,” Junior Class Council and 2017-2018 School Board Representative Jenny Rudolph said. “The second the lip dub began playing I immediately got excited. Seeing so many spirited warriors that had all come together to make something so special is one of my favorite memories. Just from watching the video, I instantly knew I was in for an amazing four years.”

This was later expanded the following year to include the entire student body as part of a mandatory event featuring Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”. The warrior community coming  together received media attention and praise from sources such as the OC Register and Huffington Post. For senior Kaliya Lyon, the event provided another memory for her theater family to look back on.

“I have such vivid memories of going to the theater with all the other advanced drama student and just giggling about how silly and fun the experience was, but still getting so much closer because of it,” Lyon said. “It was a beautiful kind of chaos with such a beautiful result.”

Unfortunately, the 2016 edition experienced some technical difficulties that lead to problems stabilizing the shot and transitioning the brightness. Film and ASB came together and decided to make the lip dub a biennial event going forward. According to ASB member and senior Cassandra Opre, this will allow for more time to plan for the event and make it more memorable for all parties involved.

“[By joining ASB this year] I have gotten a different perspective on everything at this school and begin to appreciate the campus more because so much detail goes into everything here for us,” Opre said. “The Lip Dub is a special event that was brought to our school and we feel that it has been losing its value over the years.”

“Even if the video itself isn’t that good, it was great being out there with all the students who love their school and are all excited to be there.”

What began as just taking advantage of a fun trend evolved into one of the school’s most inclusive traditions. Looking back, film student and senior Connor Simon was very proud of the role he played in putting it all together and solidifying a place in school culture.

“In terms of media attention, it’s always good to have a product that is widely accepted by everyone because they all got to be a part of it and got to have some fun. So I am overall very proud of what they have accomplished,” Simon said. “It is one of the coolest things I have seen while at high school.”