Senior Spotlight: Emma Munguia


Harrison Li

Emma Munguia expresses her passion through her acting and theater performances.

Q: What are you planning on majoring in?

A: “I am attending Humboldt State University and majoring in elementary teaching.”


Q: Do you have any future plans on continuing drama?

A: “I plan on being highly involved with theater activities that are offered on my campus such as plays and clubs. ”


Q: What is your favorite memory from your time on drama?

A: “My favorite memory from all of drama would most likely have to be all of the festivals we were able to attend because I was able to spend extra time with all of my talented classmates, and perform while also being surrounded by a lot of students from other schools who shared the same passion as me.”


Q: Do you have any advice for drama students?

A: “Keep continuing your passion and never give up on your goals. There’s always room for improvement and staying in theater will help reach your performance goals immensely .”