Aloha Warriors: Back-to-school dance

The Aloha back-to-school dance is revived after many years of hiatus

After closing its doors for summer vacation, Woodbridge High officially opened again on Aug. 27 and welcomed new members of the Warrior family. To commemorate the new school year, ASB hosted a week full of special activities revolving around an Aloha theme while introducing a new back-to-school dance.

As the first ever specialized back-to-school week with a theme, the events required much planning and scheduling.

“We worked really hard for this event,” ASB president and senior Jeffrey Vu said. “Planning started during the summer and continued all the way throughout the year.”

To start off the first event, ASB gave out free doughnuts for breakfast after registration. While it was not the only incentive ASB passed out, donuts were the first of many snacks to come.

“I thought that doughnuts were a great way to get our morale and energy up for the first day of school,” sophomore Amy Lim said. “I think ASB really put a lot of effort into the ‘Aloha’ theme.”

On the second day of school, ASB passed out pancakes around 45 minutes before the first bell. In addition, the Kona Ice truck came to campus after school to provide the students with free snow cones.

In addition to the Aloha theme was the introduction of the new back-to-school Dance, which took place in the gym. Adorned with Aloha decorations and loud music, the dance had a clear Aloha theme.  While it has been held before some time ago, it was certainly the first time in the recent years for a Back to School dance.

“The goal this year was to start a legacy, not only to welcome the students back but also to create a legacy for this year’s ASB… We wanted to start a foundation so that the [later] ASB leaders can build on top of it and make it better and better,” ASB president and senior Jeffrey Vu said.

ASB’s introduction of a themed week during the first few days of school was certainly a new change, but with more time they hope it will be school tradition in the making.

“I think that the introduction of a new dance and a themed week was great and will provide many opportunities for other fun things to happen,” sophomore Caroline Jorgenson said.