Saying Goodbye to a Campus Legend

Plant supervisor, Ramon Guzman, will be retiring from Woodbridge High, taking decades of memories with him


Jessie Chau

Ramon Guzman, Woodbridge’s plant supervisor of 32 years, poses for a picture of remembrance before his retirement of his commitment and service to Woodbridge High.

Always seen zooming around in his golf cart, plant supervisor, Ramon Guzman, is loved and respected by the community for his big heart and many years of contribution to the school.

He has been an integral part of the campus for both staff and student life, and he is considered family among staff members. Guzman has worked as a custodian and plant supervisor for Woodbridge High for nearly 32 years, and he will be retiring at the end of the first quarter.

Principal Christopher Krebs, who has known Guzman since 2004, noted that he was responsible for an extensive list of contributions to the campus. From electrical work to irrigation, Guzman has overseen issues among all aspects of the school facilities and management.

“[Guzman] understands this school and its evolution in a way that very few people can and ever will,” Krebs said. “I don’t think we can recreate that knowledge.”
After many years of service, Guzman decided to retire in order to allow for a new generation of employees to join the Woodbridge staff.

“The staff has changed a lot,” Guzman said. “I think a new generation tells me that I’m the oldest one, and it’s time…[to] leave some room for younger people to come aboard.”

While the custodial staff is rarely found in the front lines, they invest much effort into supporting the campus behind the scenes.

“They maintain and keep our school clean,” sophomore and ASB human relations commissioner Samantha Blake said. “We often take them for granted, but without them and all that they do, our campus would be a mess.”

In the final days of his time on campus, Guzman reflects on the decades that he has been on campus. “In the beginning it was great because it was like a big family. We kind of grew together and it has been a great place to be,”Guzman said.

Though Guzman made many memories throughout his time at Woodbridge, he will take his friendships with him as he starts a new chapter in his life, which includes traveling, working as a handyman and spending time with his mother.

“All the teachers when they retired would tell me ‘Oh, you are going to know when its time,’ and I was surprised to see that I found myself finding out that it is true… and I think it’s time for me to move on,” said Guzman.

As Guzman’s career at the school is coming to an end, many realize the important role he has played on campus. Guzman’s contributions are greatly appreciated and will be missed after his retirement.