DIY: Snowflake lollipop

Make some snowflake lollipops as gifts for your loved ones this Christmas!

Photo by Connor Schwengel

Ingredients: Paper towel, vegetable oil, lollipop mold, blue food coloring, isomalt sugar (made from beet sugar), two cooking pots, lollipop sticks, printed rice paper

Step 1: Use a paper towel to oil both halves of the lollipop mold before starting. Put 80g of isomalt sugar in each pot and heat both until they reach 175 degrees Celsius.

Step 2: Cool one of the pots quickly until the bubbles disappear. Pour the sugar into the bottom half of the lollipop mold. After it hardens, place the rice paper on top with the image facing down.

Step 3: Place the two halves of the lollipop mold together. At this point, only the clear half of the lollipop has been made.

Step 4: Add drops of blue food coloring mint flavoring in the still-heating pot and mix. When ready, cool the pot quickly.

Step 5: When all the bubbles have disappeared, pour the melted isomalt sugar into the mold. This will become the colored half of the lollipop. Insert the lollipop sticks into the colored half.

Step 6: Wait for the isomalt sugar to cool and harden before opening the mold. Then, take out the lollipops and hold them over a fire briefly to melt the surface so it appears more glassy.

Step 7: Once that the surface has cooled to become clear like glass, place them in a plastic wrapping and tie each one. Now you have homemade galaxy lollipops (snowflake lollipops)!