2017: Music that Made the Year

Top Tracks of the Year


“Divide” by Ed Sheeran

On March 3, Ed Sheeran released “÷,” which even now remains dominant on the music charts. The genre of the songs varies, ranging from alternative to pop to an Irish style, immaculately displaying the artist’s creative skill and his capability to keep listeners on their toes.



“American Teen” by Khalid

Khalid Robinson captured the attention of many with his first album, “American Teen,” which came out this 

March. He expresses the modern teenage consciousness in an upbeat but laidback tone, having fans eagerly awaiting for what his future holds in store.



“Reputation” by Taylor Swift

After a long hiatus, Taylor Swift made a bold comeback in November with “Reputation,” which takes a drastic turn from her infamous breakup songs. The album incorporates mature themes and retains a pop element that has listeners nodding along with the beat.




“Melodrama” by Lorde

Similar to Taylor Swift, Lorde released, “Melodrama,” in June after a long break from thmusic industry. As the title suggests, the artist produced deeply emotional songs that touch upon self-love and Lorde’s personal struggles through a catchy electro-pop genre.



Students’ Top Picks



“I listen to the song [“ Glorious” by Macklemore feat. Skylar Grey] after a long day at school; it lifts my mood when I’m sad. And the singing is glorious,” senior Maegan Melchior said.






“ I like the song [“Supermarket Flowers” by Ed Sheeran] because I’m super thankful for my mom. She gave up everything for us, she’s super hardworking and she means everything to me,” junior Tony Kam said.

Compiled from survey on Golden Arrow website and Twitter
The Woodbridge community expresses their favorite song of the year.