Shooting For Victory

The girls varsity basketball team takes a loss after a competitive game against Huntington Beach.


Photo by: Roxana Pishdadian

Warriors dribble down the court with possession o the ball

The girls basketball team (1-0-2) lost their second league game to the Huntington Beach High Oilers on Nov. 29 with a score of 26-38. During the first portion of the game, the board remained scoreless until Huntington Beach gained an early lead.  Although the Oilers remained ahead throughout the game, the Warriors did score several points throughout the game.

“I thought we played really hard, really intense…we had a really good defensive game,” girls basketball coach and librarian Keith Clarkson said.  “We struggled for the offense, but I think we can work on it,”

Meanwhile, one of the players who scored points was sophomore, forward and center Erika Maggard, who wanted to assist her team.  During the third quarter, the score was 9-17.  

“I was just thinking how I could help my team get through this tough game and just try to do my part as a teammate to them,” Maggard said.   

In addition, several team members (as well as the coach) think there is room for improvement in aspects such as defense and offense.

“This was a learning experience for our team.  We have room to improve and this taught us how to get better,” sophomore and point guard Tiffany Nguyen said.

Because the Oilers are known for their winning record, Clarkson anticipated the loss.

“I was [not] surprised, I know Huntington Beach is a good team and we [have] seen them play in the past,” Clarkson said.  “We are playing a really tough schedule, so all the games this week are going to be the really tough good teams.  [Those are the types of teams] who we [have] to play against to get better.

Since many players graduated last year, most of the team consists of newcomers.

“Our team is…new.  We only have a couple of returners and I think this game just showed us how we can improve, especially on defense and scoring,” Nguyen said.

            Despite the loss against the Oilers, the team’s strong defense will carry them through the league.  Their next game is Dec. 27 at 6 p.m. during the Garden Grove Classic tournament.