Staff Editorial: High School Opens New Doors

With new classes, clubs and sports sprouting on campus, students have the chance to try new things


Cartoon by Summer Aguirre

School is a dressing room. It’s meant for students to try new classes, clubs and sports to decide if it’s something they like. And if it isn’t a fit, the stakes are low – students have the chance to put the activity back on a hanger and try something else. Joining new activities at school can serve to help students discover and pursue their passions.

Students are eagerly searching for new opportunities on campus that will lead them to discover eye-opening interests. Clubs present a new academic setting in which students can discover or further pursue their underdeveloped passions. Students are able to find other members within the campus that have similar questions, concerns and goals. Unlike typical classroom settings, clubs provide the student body with stimulating, hands-on activities. These productive measures also widen student’s knowledge and skills about a specific subject or hobby.
Sports encourage unity and promote moral qualities through wins, losses and practices. When students encounter team losses and realize their mistakes, they are able to learn from them and build motivation to gain victory in the future. These experiences help students undergo a series of emotions that strengthens them morally and makes them less vulnerable to potential failures they may combat.

Both sport and academic clubs require teamwork. Without the moral and physical support of club members, one will be unable to find success and growth within a certain subject.

The arrival of multiple new classes this year allows for students to be exposed to many new experiences. These are great opportunities for students to develop their interests, whether academic or athletic, helping them discover potential passions to pursue beyond high school.

Advanced Placement Physics 2 is a new class that provides a more challenging course for students that want to expand their understanding of physics. Students are able to take AP classes of their own career pursuit starting in high school so that they already have a detailed plan of what they want to do by the time they reach college, as well as build upon their knowledge of topics they are passionate about.

Badminton and Hip Hop are both examples of new Physical Education courses that allow students to experience more options for physical activity. Instead of the traditional PE class, students can choose a method of fitness that they enjoy doing or try a new one while still meeting their physical needs and PE credits.
These classes are just a few examples of how the new specialized classes this year enable students to venture into unfamiliar environments that catch their interests at a young age and encourage them to pursue it further in their life as they grow older.

Students need to learn how to get out of their comfort zones and join these new opportunities on campus because they will never know what they missed if they never take the chance on trying something new that may end up discovering what they’re most passionate about.o