These teacher BFFs will make you and your best friend jealous


Photo by Clare Aguilar

Chris LePage, Jeremy Matemales, Joe Banner and David Baker pose with ceramic sculptures of themselves.

Clare Aguilar, Staff Writer

Christine Haley and Wendy Kou

English teachers Christine Haley and Wendy Kou met during the 2005-2006 school year. Both were new English teachers on campus, thus putting them at nine years as colleagues and friends according to Haley.

“When we started to develop our friendship, I invited Wendy to a Spa Party I hosted as a favor to my aunt,” Haley said. “Embarrassing as I thought the party was, Mrs. Kou was generous and kind and when she continued to hang out with me after that event, I knew we were going to be great friends.”

As full-time teachers and moms, Haley and Kou are not able to spend as much time together outside of school as they would like.

“In years past, we had girls’ night and even took short trips together but nowadays we have play dates,” Kou said.

Both teachers and best friends, Kou and Haley are able to create life time memories on and off campus. Their similarities as moms, dog-owners and teachers help them bond over many aspects of life not many people are able to do.

“I think a lot of my favorite memories with Mrs. Kou have been impromptu moments full of laughs like roasting marshmallows in her backyard on a warm summer night,” Haley said.

David Baker, Joe Banner, Chris LePage and Jeremy Matamales

History and art collide. History teachers Chris LePage and Jeremy Matamales and art teachers David Baker and Joe Banner share a unique relationship.

“LePage and I ended up being raised in Huntington Beach together, so when I first started here almost ten years ago, he came the year after,” Banner said.

The two childhood friends welcomed two other members into their clique for double the fun.

“We are lunch time amigos,” Matamales said. “I met Mr. LePage at a day-long meeting many years ago and started hanging out with him and Banner at lunch. Mr. Baker joined us shortly after.”

Their crazy and humorous personalities make their friendship more enjoyable and not a day goes by without a laugh.

“We don’t really hang out after school, but we do have a ritual,” Matamales said. “I invite them over for a poker party on a weekly basis. And they never show up. It’s kind of ‘our thing.’”

 Mike Antrim and Bruno Dworzak

These science teachers have a long history of being great friends.

“(We have known each other for) 12 years,” science teacher Mike Antrim said. “We met here on campus.”

They take their passion of science to experience wonderful things together like spontaneous vacations, planetarium trips and hiking with science teacher Bruno Dworzak’s sons. Antrim also attended his colleague’s wedding.

“We go on hikes, and do some night sky star gazing,” Antrim said. “Just this last spring break, we were both in Arizona and were able to watch the lunar eclipse together and hike the Grand Canyon.”

Both like almost the same characteristics about each other that deepened their relationship both as colleagues and friends.

“Mr. Antrim is very straightforward, very nice, very helpful,” Dworzak said. “When you meet him, you know who he is, there is no this or that. Mr. Antrim is Mr. Antrim all the time and that’s how he is in school and out of school. “