New Block Schedule Brings New Block of Classes

Block schedule allows for 12 new classes along with extra sports in physical education


Photo by Kirra Lunow

AP Art History students listen to the lecture on ancient Egyptian art.

Woodbridge High added 12 new classes for the 2018-2019 school year as a result of the new block schedule and student interest. New classes that are being offered are US History through Film, World Religions, Advanced Placement Physics 2, AP Art History, Intermediate Drama, Advanced Ceramics,  Advanced Entertainers, Advanced Theatre Tech. In addition, hip hop, badminton Advanced Weight Training and basketball were added as Physical Education classes.

  “With the new block schedule, we knew that students would have the opportunity to take additional courses, so we also knew for this year we would probably be able to offer more new classes than we have in prior years,” Assistant Principal Alicia Foulk said. “All of [the new classes] are running because we have enough students in them for them to be viable.”

  The teachers proposed the new classes after talking to students about what types of courses they would be interested in.

  “All of our course offerings are essentially based on student interest in a way because when I build the master schedule for the school, it’s all built around student need,” Foulk said.

Photo by Julie Yoo
U.S. History through Film students watch a video on the American Revolution.

  One new class offering is US History through Film, an elective History teacher Frank Harrington teaches. The class focuses on historical films. Students study the films’ relevance and accuracy in the context of history, while also learning about filmmaking and historical perspectives in America’s history.

  “It’s sort of interesting to see how each generation interprets historical events. For example, how World War II movies were portrayed in the 1940s and 50s is much different than how they are portrayed now,” Harrington said.

Photo by Julie Yoo
Students in ceramics carefully craft their art.

  AP Art History, a new class that art teacher Jillian Rogers teaches, focuses on the history of art, beginning with cave art. The class also covers art style. While the class was offered in years past, student interest allowed for the class to be offered again this year.

  “I think with the block schedule, because kids can take more electives, there was a bigger interest in it,” Rogers said.

  Students in this class learn about history along with humanities.

  “I think [students] will come out of [the class] feeling really smart and hopefully having a little more insight into human beliefs and attitudes. I hope they can more out it than just how to study,” Rogers said.