Take acai of relief at Barefoot Bowls


Photo by Disha Palimar

An Island Breeze acai bowl, which contains acai, mango, banana, pineapple, granola and coconut.

Summer is coming soon and most people will be looking for an escape from the searing heat of the California sun. The perfect place to go for a cool treat is Barefoot Bowls, located at the Crossroads center in Irvine.

The inside of the store is not what I had imagined because of all the hype. The interior is small and underwhelming, and it did not live up to the “beachy” theme that everyone told me about. There were only a few seats, minimal decorations on the walls and a bland color scheme. But the simplicity was not necessarily a bad thing, because it gave the store a clean, enjoyable atmosphere. There was a small crowd of customers, which only speaks to the popularity of the store. The employees were very friendly and patient, and despite the large amount of customers the wait was not very long.

I ordered an Island Breeze Acai Bowl first, and it definitely lived up to my expectations. The bowl consisted of acai, mango, banana, pineapple, granola and coconut blend topped with banana slices, cut strawberries, honey and coconut shavings. It tasted extremely fresh, and it had a really unique texture because of the crunchy granola and smooth tropical fruit blend.

I then ordered “The Surge” smoothie, a mixture of acai, strawberries, raspberries, bananas and apple juice.  The drink hit my sweet tooth in just the right way; it was not too sweet at all, and you could tell that most of its flavor came from the natural sugars in the fruits. It had just the right thickness and it tasted very fresh – eventually I had to fight with my sister for the last sip.

The fact that all ingredients in both treats are completely natural and healthy is only another reason to check this place out as soon as possible. The price of the food ranges from $4 to $6, so it is definitely an affordable place to get healthy snacks that come in pretty large portions (even the small bowls and smoothies).

Next time you find yourself craving a refreshing snack, make sure to go to Barefoot Bowls, where I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.