Striving to Save the Environment

Students on campus are striving to save our environment through various environmentally focused clubs.

Photo courtesy of Plastic Project

Plastic Project

The Plastic Project aims to reduce the amount of plastic used within Irvine and eventually at a greater scope, especially within local stores. Members of the club visit numerous stores around Irvine, such as Sprouts and Albertsons to discuss different ways of utilizing methods which better preserve the environment that have worked out in other countries such as Finland and Switzerland. By bringing up these alternative options, members try to convince local stores to implement more environmentally friendly habits like changing their bag options. The club’s meetings focus on brainstorming ideas to help reduce plastic use on campus as well as in our community as a whole. It strives to help protect and preserve the environment by regulating the amount of plastics being used in everyday life, aiming to protect and preserve the planet one plastic at a time.




Photo courtesy of HYPEBEES Club

HYPEBEES is a club focused on increasing awareness of the faltering bee population. The bee population has been in decline since the early 2000s, but the issue only recently came to light. HYPEBEES concentrates on preserving the wild bee population, as well as serving economically disadvantaged communities. The club hopes to create self-sustainable gardens in these communities to not only feed the community but also to help revive the prime honey area. Bees play a central role in the ecosystem and saving them is crucial for the development of a sustainable future. Seeking to help underserved communities and the bee population, the club strives for a more environmentally friendly future.



Marine Life Saviors

The Marine Life Saviors club concentrates not only

Photo courtesy of Marine Life Saviors

on saving marine life but also on preserving the present environment and improving it. Students get opportunities to participate in volunteer work with marine animals, as well as work with the organization, Shade Tree, to plant trees and brush as part of their plan to restore green space. The land and ocean environments alike are connected in how they are impacted by our actions, so the Marine Life Saviors seek to positively impact both jointly. The Marine Life Saviors bring awareness to issues impacting the world’s natural environment and seek to protect our marine wildlife.