DIY: Mini Succulent Zen Garden

Make a miniature Zen garden to help relieve stress and to get in the spring feels


Photo by Christine Jang

Creating your own DIY zen garden can be a stress relieving and aesthetically pleasing activity.

Step 1

1. Fill up the bowl with sand. Preferably, the items should be a plain black, brown or white to create a calming zen effect. Then, pour some small pebbles into the bowl.

Step 2

2. Transfer the small succulent plant into the bowl using a paper cup. Make sure that the succulent is placed away from the center of the bowl to divert the focus of the viewer’s eye.

Step 3

3. Once you are happy with where the succulent is placed, separate the small pebbles from the white sand. Use a utensil such as a chopstick to create a moon shape.

Step 4

4. Place a few rocks around the succulent to create a contrasting effect.