“Note-Worthy” Students Receive Major Honor

Woodbridge students audition and join multiple outside honors bands to further their musical career


Photo by Timothy Swanson

Juniors Megan Lu, Claire Kim, Eric Kim, Allison Hu, Justine Sato and Jay Hong pose with their instruments

Woodbridge Music Department members entered the prestigious All Southern California Honor Band and Orchestra, All State Honor Band and Orchestra and the All National Honor Orchestra, building musical skills for a culminating performance.

Yuchen Wang, Justine Sato, Tiffany Jean and Kaden Choi from the All Southern California Honors Band and Orchestra.

Music students audition every year to achieve the recognition brought about by joining each of these groups. The All Southern California Honor Band and Orchestra accepted juniors Yuchen Wang, Justine Sato and Tiffany Jean, while also accepting freshman Kaden Choi. The All State Honor Band and Orchestra accepted seniors Justin Phillips, Maggie Chang, Allison Hu and Karis Choi, and juniors Jay Hong, Justine Sato, Tiffany Jean, Megan Lu, Claire Kim and Eric Kim. The Honor Orchestra of America has also accepted juniors Eric Kim and Tiffany Jean, and the All State Winter Orchestra accepted Nina Gonzalez.

The regional groups of students represent the talent and hardwork of Woodbridge music. By working together and applying their individual talents, they further the reputation of skill and musicality brought forth previously by past performers.

“I had all this pressure on me to get in,” senior Alison Hu said.

In the audition, members must perform set scales and a prepared excerpt of music that demonstrates both melodic and technical skills. Judges choose the most musically competent people to join the orchestra.

The groups push students through grueling professional training. The work can especially be strenuous when some students belong to several groups simultaneously. Performance and musical education come hand in hand with the joining of these groups. Students train in regional groups for several weeks, working to perfect advanced pieces for prestigious performances which the Orange County musical community can enjoy.

“It was amazing. I loved it. I’m pretty sure [the conductor] changed my life. He put in so much passion into the music,” junior Sato said.

Maggie Chang, Claire Kim, Karis Choi, Justin Phillips, Alison Hu, Justine Sato, Jay Hong, Tiffany Jean, Megan Lu and Eric Kim from the All State Honor Band
and Orchestra

Often, members use their time playing to bond with each other as well. The professional musicians not only teach music, but also team and life lessons, offering more than a fantastic musical education.

Claire Kim from All National Honor Orchestra, Nina Gonzales from All Stater Winter Orchestra and Tiffany Jean from Honor of American National Orchestra

Over the course of their high school careers, many members of the music department have joined outside ensembles and orchestras in order to pursue a more advanced education. New and old members furthered their skills and refined burgeoning talents that arise after each rehearsal. From many cities scattered through the state, members work together collaboratively to ensure their efficiency and success. After several rehearsals of professional level music, students perform their pieces in a culmination of effort and hardwork.

“[Working closely with these group] allows [students] another venue for them to perform at a high level,” music teacher and band director Brad Harris said.
The direct and personal study time working in a close environment with upper-echelon professionals assists the students with learning more about their instruments, their musical literature and how to effectively rehearse with large groups.


Pursuing these different aspects of learning and finding out the best methods of acquiring achievement presents these talented musicians with an exceptionally well-rounded education.