Legends for a New Generation

The Legends concert offered modern renditions of classic musical artists

Belting out hit songs, impersonating students filled the stage with classic tunes.

On March 21-22, the Woodbridge Choir Department hosted the annual “Legends” concert.  Vocal Music Director Rob Blaney led the event, which featured students performing various cover songs in their respective artist’s style. The annual Legends concert allowed students to gather and interpret classic hits, offering a unique Woodbridge tailored experience.

“I thought it would be neat to have a concert where students could impersonate musical legends—people who [have] been around for a long time.  People like Elvis, Madonna [and] Frank Sinatra,” Blaney said.

Students chose their favorite artists to cover, bringing them closer to musical legends of all generations. Among the many performing students was senior RJ Jones as an Elvis impersonator.

“It feels great just [because] my mom’s a really big fan of Elvis and she kind of got me into Elvis too, so it’s nice to be able to represent him up on stage,” Jones said.

Students covered several older artists this year, marking a new change to the yearly performance. These included Kermit The Frog, Brigitte Bardot and Julie Andrews.

The concert had many successful performances, with loud roars and clapping after each artist.  The concert united excited and high energy performers with audience members through nostalgic hits.

“I feel like every year it gets better and better, so I don’t know what to expect this year because this year was…actually amazing,” senior Emily Bell said.

Meanwhile, Blaney encourages others to join Legends.

“It’s open to the whole school and so if they didn’t audition this year [but they] want to audition next year, auditions are usually in January and they should look for posters up around campus but its open for all students and all styles of music.  You don’t have to be in choir to be in the concert,” Blaney said.