Behind the Scenes of Air Guitar

Behind the Scenes of Air Guitar


Photo by Timothy Swanson

The Woodbridge Girls Lacrosse team celebrates their victory at Air Guitar.

As the bright lights came up on the vivacious hosts, the audience grew quiet in the big gym on Saturday, April 20 for the annual Air Guitar talent show contest.
Each class council performed a hip-hop dance routine and with color coordinated outfits. The freshmen busted a move to hip-hop classics, the sophomores danced as superheroes to an Avengers theme and juniors recreated a baby shark viral song.

“I prepared the act by practicing with the rest of the class council members after school,” freshman class council member Samuel Brown said.

Crystal Cooper’s Molecules was a performance by the Advanced Placement Chemistry class, who participate in Air Guitar every year for extra credit. They did a captivating science experiment in the middle of energetic dance choreography while wearing white lab coats. Even Mrs.Cooper herself came out onto the floor and did a few dance moves.The last performance was the famous Korean Pop (KPOP) group who won band favorite last year. They began with a pre recorded skit that was projected on the screen before breaking into the popular choreography that mimicked popular KPOP stars such as BTS and Blackpink.

Some of the other highlights of the show were the Halo club’s performance, who entertained the audience through a dance with the special education department. Halo is a club on campus that brings awareness and raises money for autism. Woodbridge Girls’ Lacrosse performed in Air Guitar for the first time. The team danced in their uniforms and ended by posing with their lacrosse sticks. Senior singer-songwriter Saveena Patel sang her newest original song “Amplify”, and gave a sneak peek of her other song called “Wonderland.”

“My favorite performance was AP Chem because theirs was clearly thought out and it was really funny while having good dancing,” audience member and sophomore Lydia Ignatova said.

Despite the wonderful performances, there could only be three winners. Mrs. Cooper’s Molecules won third place, Halo won second place, and Saveena Patel won first place. The Girl’s Lacrosse team won fan favorite.

“Performing is always a very surreal experience for me because you really are vulnerable when you are performing such personal songs,” singer and senior Saveena Patel said. “My music has a lot meaning, so when I perform it, I feel like I am telling my feelings to the whole audience.”