Golden Arrow Senior Survey

Senior staff members of the Golden Arrow answer some questions about their high school careers and what lies ahead

A. If someone were to write a headline about you, what would it be?

B. If you could go back to freshman year, what would you do different?

C. What is a fun fact about you that people may not know?

D. What are you most excited for after high school?


Kirra Lunow, Editor-In-Chief


A. “Girl Unknowingly Proves Existence is a Practical Joke”

B. I’d enroll in classes that interest me and ignore the capitalist college system manipulating my view of education. Follow your passions, not a university logo that looks good as a bumper sticker.


C. Andean flute music and vicious reality television are my guilty pleasures.

D. At Woodbridge, almost all students share a similar daily experience, in terms of classes and activities. In college and beyond, there’s so much freedom in what you can pursue, so the ambiguity in what the future holds excites me.



Claire Josey, Editor-In-Chief


A. “Fair-skinned Redhead Overcomes California Sun to Graduate High School”

B. I would encourage my younger self and other students to get out of their comfort zones and try new activities they never imagined themselves doing.

C. I once composed a piece for cello and violin.

D. Going on an IKEA shopping spree for college! I also can’t wait to meet new people and continue pursuing different interests.




Emilee Klein, A&E Editor 


A. “She is All Cackles and Curls”

B. I would probably join cross country. Being part of a team sport seems like a very valuable experience and I regret missing out on that.

C. I played basketball from third grade to seventh grade. I practiced with boys and they all fought for me to be on their team since I would get rebounds.

D. I’m most excited to study abroad in Israel or Paris. Also to get my first internship in journalism.




Kylie James, Features Editor


A. “Girl from Hawaii is not Hawaiian”

B. I’d definitely tell myself to join journalism sooner since I didn’t join until my junior year.

C. I came here from Hawaii sophomore year and can move my ears up and down. The two are unrelated.

D. I’m most excited to meet new people and see new things.





Jamie Yeh, In-Depth Editor


A. “Teen Goes Missing After School Everyday for a Decade”

B. I would stop worrying so much about the future and focus more on enjoying the present. I would also tell myself that younger siblings tend to tame with time.

C. I moved here sophomore year, and I love avocados passionately.

D. I am so excited for food and freedom, but I’m definitely going to miss my beloved 17 year-old habits and routines.




Thomas Loynd, Sports Editor


A. “Student Gets Caught Watching Champions League in Class Again”

B. Work harder. The sooner the better. Or else it will come back and kick you in the butt.

C. That I speak Italian and I DJ as well.

D. To my Italy trip, right after school is finished- as well as college, and whatever life has in store for me.





Emily Chin, Photo Editor


A. “Girl Goes to UCI and is trapped in the bubble forever”

B. I would have probably joined more art courses and continue to pursue my passion for all forms of art. As cliche as it sounds, take classes that you are passionate about!

C. I’ve climbed down the island of Santorini next to donkeys.

D. I’m excited to meet people from all walks of life and to get involved in many activities. I would also love to study abroad in many countries.





Bailey Kanthatham, Copy Editor

A. “Distracted Student Rapidly Edits Articles”

B. I would try and write more Golden Arrow articles, especially those that I did not finish the first time around (sorry Arian and Celeste).

C. I love to go thrift shopping and searching for bargains in general.

D. I am excited to pursue a history degree at Irvine Valley College






Kimia Soltani, Photographer


A. “Kimia the Google Map”

B. If I could go back in time, I would have done nothing differently, to be honest.

C. Fun fact about me?! I’m already a fun fact. But I have a good memory!

D. Hopefully going to medical school and starting a new life.





Bahar Khezri, Visual Director


A. “The Girl with the Camera”

B. As a freshman I was really insecure about myself and I was scared to meet new people. I wish I would’ve been more confident and talkative. I also would join yearbook and journalism.

C. My car is older than me.

D. I’m excited about having more time to focus on photography. I would love to travel and take pictures.




Annie Wu, Business Manager


A. “The Girl Who Took A Chance and Passed Go” (Reference to MONOPOLY!)

B. I was so so shy in freshman year so I would push myself to actually talk in classes and be more involved with campus activities/events!

C. I love love love Monopoly- I even wrote one of my college essays on it!

D. I’m excited to finally leaving Irvine after living here all my life. I look forward to living in dorms and meeting new people up in NorCal!




Sophia Leimer, Business Editor


A. “Teen Consumes Chocolate Everyday for Breakfast”

B. If I could go back, I would try to meet more people and join more clubs.

C. I have a mole in the iris of my left eye.

D. I’m excited for college and the new people, places and memories I’ll experience along with it.





Photos by Kimia Soltani