Senior Traditions

Graphic by Alexa Gamo

Senior Sunrise

This tradition occurs the morning of the first day of school, and takes place at Suicide Hill in Irvine. Seniors come together early in the morning and watch the sunrise, marking the first official day of their last year at Woodbridge High. The beautiful background setting of the sunrise allows for numerous photos to be taken with friends and classmates to commemorate the event during which they will all be together on the first day of school for the last time. They can enjoy coffee and small breakfasts together as they wrap themselves in blankets and watch the sunrise above the hill, talking and eating together as they watch. For seniors, this special tradition represents the community they have formed over their high school years. It kickstarts a year full of exciting events and long-lasting memories to make senior year as memorable as can be before each student goes their separate way. This event kickstarts a “snr szn” full of dances, events and traditions that are exclusive to the senior class.


Graphic by Alexa Gamo

Senior Barbecue

The Senior Barbecue is an event that takes place towards the end of the school year and includes a variety of different foods for the class of 2019 to enjoy. This year, the barbecue will be reminiscent of Hawaii with a luau theme, where seniors are encouraged to dress up in Hawaiian shirts and other Hawaiian themed clothes to add to the ambiance. The seniors will be served food resembling Hawaiian barbecue including chicken, rice, macaroni and cheese, noodles and more. For dessert, the seniors will indulge in the popular Hawaiian dessert, malasadas. Malasadas are a traditional hawaiian dessert that began as a Portuguese confection. It is a fried food made of small balls of yeast dough coated with granulated sugar. Yearbook distribution will occur during the barbecue, providing the seniors with the chance to trade yearbooks and write heartfelt notes to wrap up their high school careers.


Graphic by Alexa Gamo

Grad Night

This fun-filled event, which has been a tradition at Woodbridge High for 28 years, is a chance to spend one last night with classmates and friends before entering the next chapter of life. The event lasts all night, starting from 10 PM and ending at 5 AM the next morning. This event includes a variety of rides, game booths, live music and bonding activities with friends to make long-lasting memories on their last night of being a Warrior. This exciting night allows graduating seniors to strengthen their bond and take pictures to commemorate the event. Known as the most exciting event of the year, grad night provides a safe and fun way for seniors to celebrate their achievements and bond with their fellow graduates through interactive events throughout the night. It is the most anticipated event for seniors on campus and is planned with detail throughout the year by the Parent Teacher Student Association. Taking place on June 6, the night of graduation, this event has been voted as the “Best Graduation Party” by the Irvine Unified School District board.